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Creekside Reserve

Creekside Reserve follows the bikepath that parallels US Route 35 between Factory and North Fairfield Roads. Off the bike path, trails provide nice views of the Little Beaver Creek and occasional meadows.

The land was donated by Moraine Associates in 1999, and Creekside Reserve was dedicated as a reserve by the Greene County Park District in September 2000. The southwest corner of the reserve features a constructed wetland that was created after road improvements on US 35. That wetland is dedicated to Bill and Grace Hagenbuch for their many years of wetland preservation.

Restoration work by Greene County Parks personnel, Beaver Creek Wetlands Association volunteers and the Marianist Environmental Education Center are helping native species return to Creekside.

Location: Access is available along the bikepath between North Fairfield Rd and Factory Rd.

Lat/Long Coordinates: 39.721469,-84.054648

Trail length: Over 3.5 miles of gravel trails plus 1.5 miles of bikeway

Trail difficulty: Bikeway flat and hard surfaced. Woodland trails can be wet or muddy after heavy rain or flood, otherwise easily passable.

What to see: Look for deer, woodpecker, woodchuck, coyote and rabbit along the Little Beaver Creek. Creekside Reserve features a small fen, constructed wetlands, an upland prairie of tall grasses and coneflowers, and a typical flood plain forest containing sycamore, box elder, walnut, ash and honey locust.

Amenities: 137 acres with parking lots at North Fairfield Road and Factory Road, hiking trails, overlooks along creek trails, bike trail, and restrooms at parking lots

Wetland fact: Curving streams like those recently restored at Creekside Reserve act as shock absorbers. They slow the surge of water after a rain, reducing erosion to nearby properties and maintain healthy aquatic habitat.

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